• Cosmetic surgery

    Plastic/cosmetic facial surgery has the primary object to make the face harmonious and attractive keeping the morphological characteristics. Facial rejuvenation through the use of minimally invasive techniques aims in obtaining natural and lasting results. Techniques used: rhinoplasty,blepharoplasty, facial lipofilling, facelift,otoplasty...

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    chirurgia estetica maxillo facciale
  • traumatologia maxillo facciale


    The maxillofacial traumatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of facial bones and skin tissues of the face and neck. The treatment of facial fracture involves the use of new technologies: stem cells, endoscopy, microsurgery and virtual navigation.

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  • Malformations

    Craniofacial malformation surgery deals with the treatment of the following deformities: labiopalatoschisis, craniofaciostenosi. Modern techniques include the use of stem cells, osteodistraction , and navigation.

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    chirurgia malformativa maxillo facciale
  • chirurgia ricostruttiva maxillo facciale

    Reconstructive Surgery

    Reconstructive facial surgery aims to restore the functions and facial morphology prior to traumatic or oncological events. Reconstructive surgery takes advantage of modern surgical techniques such as microsurgery and stem cells.

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  • Oncologic Surgery

    Oncology surgery interesting maxillofacial concerns the cranial-orbital-maxillofacial tumors , tumors of the oral cavity (tongue, mouth floor, jaw, lip), tumors of the salivary glands (Parotid, submandibular) and cutaneous tumors of the face and neck. The maxillofacial surgical oncology provides not only the removal of tumours but also the contestual reconstruction of them.

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    chirurgia oncologica maxillo facciale
  • chirurgia orale

    Oral Surgery

    Oral surgery deals with neoformations (cysts) of the jaws, complex extractive surgery of wisdom teeth, regenerative preprosthetic surgery of implant surgery.

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  • chirurgia maxillo facciale

Welcome to the site of Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli
Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery

Giuseppe Spinelli, surgeon specialist in Maxillo Facial Surgery, deals exclusively with face and neck surgery. His skills range from trauma surgery, reconstructive, malformation, oncolgic to plastic surgery of the craniofacial district.

The surgical techniques used are various, you must run a specialist visit to define the precise diagnosis before you can indicate treatment.

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