The MaxilloFacial Surgery

From 2016 I am Director of the Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the Careggi University Hospital of Florence

Oncological Surgery

The Oncologic Maxillofacial Surgery involves removal of the tumor and the simultaneous reconstruction.

Giuseppe Spinelli, surgeon specialist in

Maxillo Facial Surgery

Giuseppe Spinelli, surgeon specialist in Maxillo Facial Surgery deals exclusively with face and neck surgery..

Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli is a Maxillofacial surgeon who daily performs, as first operator, multiple Maxillofacial Surgery interventions through the use of modern and different surgical techniques both in the functional and oncological fields. Specifically, he treats pathologies of the oral cavity, nose and paranasal sinuses. He collaborates with other specialists and approaches always patients and their pathologies with a multidisciplinary vision.

In order to have an accurate diagnosis and to know exactly which type of treatment is most suitable for your specific case, it is necessary to schedule a first visit with him at his office, in order to undergo and know the proper diagnostic-therapeutic path.

In fact, each diagnosis corresponds to a specific and personalised treatment, and the skills of Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli range from oncological, traumatology, malformative, reconstructive surgery, to morphological / aesthetic surgery of the cranio-facial region.

In all cases, the surgeon Giuseppe Spinelli treats the areas of the face and neck in consideration of the fact that, in addition to achieving an excellent result from an aesthetic point of view, it is essential that the maximum naturalness is maintained through the use of advanced surgical techniques and minimally invasive.

In addition to the cranio-cervical-facial aesthetic / reconstructive surgery, he performs complex maxillofacial surgery for the removal of neoplasms, benign and malignant tumours and provides for the reconstruction of the head and neck area.

Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli uses the most advanced techniques and technologies on a daily basis to restore / improve the functionality of both the bony parts and the soft tissues of the face, guaranteeing the best results thanks to the long experience and complete know-how and competence acquired in many years spent on the front line.


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