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Maxillofacial Surgery, aesthetic and function

Maxillofacial Surgery, aesthetic and function

Maxillofacial Surgery, aesthetic and function

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“Maxillofacial surgery is a surgical discipline that has developed above all in the last few decades, we discuss the subject with a specialist: Dott.Giuseppe Spinelli, maxillofacial surgeon”

Dott.Spinelli, what does maxillofacial surgery do?

The maxillo faccile surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with all the interventions aimed at the resolution of pathologies (traumatic, malformative, neoplastic, infectious and degenerative) and of aesthetic-functional problems of the face and facial skeleton.
What are the peculiarities of the maxillofacial surgeon in the treatment of aesthetic-functional problems of the face?
There are essentially two: first and foremost the exclusivity of the district, in fact dealing only with the face and neck region can take advantage of a thorough knowledge of all the anatomical structures involved and secondly the objectives that are never solely aimed at aesthetics but also at correction functional.

So maxillofacial surgery can give answers in both aesthetic and functional fields?

Yes, I firmly believe that function and aesthetics are frequently the synthesis of the same problem; sometimes in fact an imperfection can originate in something deeper.

Can you give us some examples?

An example is represented by rhinoplasty; the results of the latter cannot be limited to a harmonious and natural nose but must lead to an improvement in the respiratory function, as well as the blepharoplasty which is associated with an improvement in the visual function going to eliminate excesses of skin due to aging which form the so-called “eyelid bags” ..

Does orthognathic surgery also have this dual aesthetic and functional objective?

Surely, by correcting the position and the shape of the maxillary bone bases the malocclusion can be corrected but at the same time an improvement in the physiognomy of the patient is obtained.
Complementary procedures such as rhinoseptoplasty, mentoplasty can be associated with orthognathic surgery.