Giuseppe Spinelli

Opening Blog Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli

Opening Blog Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli

Attention: questions that do not correspond to articles published by Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli, will be moved to Guestbook.

Today, 11/07/2011, officially opens the Blog and the Guestbook of Prof. Giuseppe Spinelli, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery and Odontostomatology.

In the Blog the Professor will publish articles that can be consulted and commented by everyone.

In the Guestbook (Guest Book), a free public space was created, in which you can ask Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli directly all the questions you want. Prof. Giuseppe Spinelli will try to answer all your questions.

Do not insert links in the comments of the Blog or the Guestbook. Advertising links will be removed by Prof. Giuseppe Spinelli or by the Blog Administrator.

All comments are moderated and subject to approval