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Cases of skin cancer on the rise in Tuscany

Cases of skin cancer on the rise in Tuscany

According to the SIDeMaST ( Italian Society of Medical, Surgical, Aesthetic Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases ) in Tuscany, 11,400 new cases of skin cancers are registered every year non melanoma (4,000 basal cell carcinoma, 400 squamous cell carcinoma, 7,000 actinic keratosis), with an increase of 20% per year . These tumors together represent 95% of all skin cancers.

The most at risk individuals are those who work outdoors , but upstream of the constant increase in these cases, however, we find the progressive aging of the population: Tuscany is one of the regions with the highest percentage of the elderly, and therefore the problem concerns us a lot.

It is important to remember that if neglected, non-melanoma skin tumors can turn into invasive carcinomas, hence the importance of an early diagnosis, a need that our territory satisfies in an excellent way. In Tuscany, in fact, we have cutting-edge structures and technologies which, in addition to taking care of making an accurate and early diagnosis, also allow us to intervene with surgical techniques, often used in very few other dermatology centers in Italy. To underline the excellence of these services, there is a meticulous online collaboration between the various companies involved, which treasure their specificities in order to respond to the needs of patients.

Associazione Tumori Toscana also plays its “ game ” within this machine of health and solidarity: in its twenty years of activity we have treated over 14,000 patients of cancer (an average of 300 per day) and in 2018 alone we received 1241 requests for assistance.

However, it is always important to remember that prevention is fundamental , since it is the first security measure we can rely on. In the field of dermatology, the golden rules are therefore exposed to the sun with due caution and avoiding tanning lamps.

Source by: The Nation.