Giuseppe Spinelli

Cosmetic Surgery

Dott. Giuseppe Spinelli

Cosmetic Surgery Maxillofacial


The nose being in the centre of the face represents the heart of facial rejuvenation. Rhinoplasty has both functional and aesthetic purposes and may be combined with other surgical procedures. Rhinoplasty is a painless surgical procedure and, in our clinical practice, tampons are not used. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that we carry out in the daily hospital system.


The shape, the location, and the projection of the chin are critical in creating a harmonious lower third of the face. Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves a small intraoral cut with three dimensional chin repositioning. When chin correction is crosswise only, lipofilling can be used.


Corrects bone malpositioning of the upper jaw (maxilla and mandible). Orthognathic surgery has both functional (better chewing) and aesthetic(harmony and proportion of facial skeleton) purposes. Orthognathic surgery may be associated with rhinoplasty, mentoplasty and lipofilling.


The lips are a distinctive element of attractiveness and facial beauty. We believe that volume increase should be done with suitable purified autologous fat (lipofilling). Lip rejuvenation is a minimal invasive procedure that does not require hospitalization.


Ears can be often a cause of relational problems also during school-age. The otoplasty is an operation that may be implemented already at 5 years of age with predictable and long-lasting results. For adults, otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia without the need of hospital recovery. The scars are invisible and hidden (behind the ear).


It is the most natural surgical technique used in cosmetic surgery. Uses autologous fat to increase the face volume without using scalpel, in fact, facial infiltration is done with needles. It does not produce scarring. It is a repeatable procedure which we perform under local anesthesia.


The volume of the cheekbones is critical to produce balanced aesthetic results. The most modern and natural pocedure which we adopt in enhancing the zygomatic arch is lipofilling. We believe that utilizing prosthesis is not something current or modern because it produces unnatural aesthetic results that are contrary to our philosophy.


Eyelid surgery is priority in face aging treatment. Our most used interventions are: upper and lower blepharoplasty, medial and lateral canthopexy and lipectomy. The blepharoplasty, which consists in removing the skin and part of the orbicularis muscle produces invisible scars.


The minimally invasive facelift which we usually provide includes tiny scars through which we may suspend the facial muscles and remove excess skin. Facelift can be: forehead, middle-facial and cervical-facial. We believe that associating lipofilling to facelift produces a balanced and natural result.


The forehead plays an important role in facial rejuvenation. Most used surgical procedures are: forehead lift, brow suspension, remodeling of the frontal bossing. The forehead lift may be associated with blepharoplasty to obtain a more natural aesthetic result.