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Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli, Director of the department of

Maxillofacial Surgery

of the Careggi University Hospital of Florence, performs functional and reconstructive septorhinoplasty with visits, also, to Catania. Those who want to solve a problem that interferes with the life of a relationship or have a dysfunction of the respiratory system can now rely on the expert hands of Dr. Spinelli, a maxillofacial facial surgeon with proven experience. The use of innovative mini-invasive techniques, such as radiofrequencies for the treatment of turbinates and a vast know-how, which includes reconstructive surgery treatments but also oncological, post-traumatic, malformative and oral surgery, allow Dr. Spinelli to operate in complete safety and to meet the patient’s expectations.



it is a surgical procedure, used all over the world, for the correction of both morphological and functional defects, and offers the possibility of combining with other maxillo-facial surgery to improve the health and well-being of the patient. In addition to rhinoplasty, still in Catania, Dr. Spinelli performs visits for otoplasty, mentoplasty and orthognathic surgery with surgery first and facial lipofilling with autologous fat grafting rich in stem cells.

Before making a diagnosis that indicates the type of treatment best suited to the specific case, it is necessary to go to the Dr. Spinelli’s Office to carry out a thorough specialist examination: the maxillofacial facial surgeon also receives an outpatient clinic in Catania.

You live in the province of Catania and are interested in a rhinoplasty operation with Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli but do not know how to contact him?

The Rhinoplasty Catania page offers the opportunity to have useful information to get in touch with Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli and get all the information for a rhinoplasty operation.

Via Dottor Consoli 14/A
95100 – Catania
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