Giuseppe Spinelli



Rhinoplasty photo gallery before and after

Functional and reconstructive rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty is one of the most common type of surgery in maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli recommends to undergo rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty when patients express the need to improve not only their respiratory function but also the morphology of their nose. The ultimate goal of the intervention is also to modify the nose in order to make it harmonious with the appearance of one’s face.

Specifically, the surgeon Giuseppe Spinelli can modify all parts of the nose with the aim of making its appearance natural. In addition to the morphological objectives, most of the interventions concern the correction of functional aspects related to respiratory problems. Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli recommends functional and reconstructive septo-rhinoplasty in order to improve nasal breathing and simultaneously performs both septal plastics and reduction of the hypertrophy of the lower nasal turbinates to improve nasal symptoms such as stuffy nose, night snoring and sleep apnea.

He also performs reconstructive rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty when the nasal structure requires a complex reconstruction such as after an accidental facial, road or sports trauma, to correct birth defects and / or congenital anomalies, or following drug abuse, or due to the occurrence of oncological diseases.

In most cases, especially when there is the need to perform significant changes in nasal breathing due to the presence of important nasal deformities, it is advisable to undergo an open rhinoplasty or septo-rinopalstic technique, because it allows a complete exposure and proper intra-operative analysis of the structures of the nose. In specific, this technique allows the preparation and use of cartilage and / or bone grafts that the surgeon usually takes from the nasal septum or from the rib cartilage or from the ear cartilage.

In most of the cases, Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli does not use nasal swabs and performs the operation under general anaesthesia, to ensure greater comfort and safety for the patient, with one night in hospital.

Functional and reconstructive septo-rhinoplasty is a pain-free procedure with recovery times of 7-10 days.