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Facial Lifting

– Photo before and after intervention

The first thing that is affected by the physiological aging of the face is the skin, in fact the imperfections are found mainly in the appearance of wrinkles and falling parts, which give a general appearance off and degraded.


For this reason, face lifting is one of the most popular interventions among cosmetic surgery treatments, as it allows to redefine the contour of the face and restore it to a decidedly younger appearance, without in any way modifying its natural physiognomy.


But we must not think it is a minor surgery, in fact, the evolution of techniques requires that those who practice the face lift is a specialized surgeon of great experience, who is able not only to stretch the skin of the face without leaving visible scars, but also to replenish the areas excavated using lipofilling techniques.



lifting facciale

A facelift performed by a surgeon experienced in maxillofacial surgery ensures perfect and lasting results, ensuring maximum safety, well-being and comfort to the patient.


In fact, the maxillofacial surgeon knows how to capture every peculiar characteristic of the person and identify it within the general harmony of the face, so as to be able to intervene precisely on well-defined parts obtaining an extraordinary final result.


The most that can be achieved with the face-lift in the rule of art is to appear younger without having changed anything about your appearance: no one should notice that you have been to the surgeon and everyone will think that you will have found the secret of eternal youth!