Giuseppe Spinelli

Lipofilling cheekbones


Cosmetic Surgery

The lipofilling intervention of the zygomatic region has the intent of increasing the volume or changing the shape of the cheekbones through the infiltration of autologous fat, or better of the same patient.

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Face lift before and after


Removal of fat and its injection in zygomatic region


Local anesthesia with sedation in d.h. By specific request of the pc. Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia and/or one night stay in the clinic.


7-10 days.


After local anesthetic fat from the patient through a thin cannula from a particular area of the body (abdomen, inner thigh, the gluteal fold, hips, etc..) is aspirated. Since the size of the cannula is unusually low, there is no need to recur to sutures. The fat taken is suitably treated so as to free it of impurities and injected at the zygomatic region level. Since it is autologous material (coming from the same organism), it does not generate allergies nor discards, and is not resorbed


The session ends with the application of a few small patches, which will be removed at a distance of 3-4 days. The treated area may appear slightly swelled which will disappear in a few days.